Free Day Quiz

Remember those multiple guess... oops! sorry!... meant to say "choice", tests you had in school??? Well, here's another one for you!

Take your best shot... match all the picture numbers of our staff to the correct letters for names, e-mail it to us with your rental request, and we'll give you a free day on your rental booked with us! How's that?


– 1 –


– 5 –


– 2 –


– 6 –


– 3 –


– 7 –


– 4 –


– 8 –


A – Angus

B – Corie

C – Pedro

D – Edwin

E – Cheryl

F – Annette

G – Stumpy

H – Big Lou


Tests make you grumpy in your school days? Well, Stumpy agrees and he says... if you make us laugh and fall off our rum barrel or split our pants with a joke, picture, story ... or whatever, then we'll STILL give you a special gift from Stumpy's treasure chest upon delivery of our vehicle to you...

* Disclaimer... yes, that does mean you do have to rent a car with us!!!
** Offer applies to rentals of two days or more.