Well … obviously … you’re looking for a Barbados rental car. Tired yet of seeing the same boring, generic car rental sites? Guess what! Stumpy (our founder) says stop wasting your time… This is it … LOOK NO FURTHER … it’s as simple as that!

We’re a small family owned company that’s been around since 1970 … WOW … we’ve gone past “experienced”. Stumpy started the company with 3 Volkswagen Beetles, a Mini Cooper and … NO seatbelts!! We’ve come a long way! Now Stumpy, who is celebrating his 100th birthday this year …. yes, you read that right … 100 years old – he’s older than sliced bread!...gets a kick out of checking out all the new gadgets on each new car we get … push button start, usb ports, reverse cameras …. We HAVE come a long way!

We’ve spent many years getting fuzzy and friendly with our customers on this site … the jokes we’ve heard from around the world, the friends we’ve made, and the stories Stumpy has collected are greatly treasured by us here at Top Car … and we’re here to tell you the deal. Every car rental company website is going to look the same and tell you the same thing (except us ‘cause we’re not the norm!!) – we’re going to offer you a great vehicle at an excellent rate and a rental experience that is as smooth as a Bajan rum punch … and you know they’re good!

So, let’s make it easy for you – stop surfing the Net (… but check out our complete site first … it’ll give you lots of tips and local insights for your trip, so why not!) and then e-mail your rental request to us and... make our day… include a joke to add to our collection!


Guess what? … Stumpy turns 101 this year and we are celebrating!
Check out our STUMPY'S 101st BIRTHDAY SPECIALS →


– CHERYL, who'll get back to you asap after contacting us...



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