The "Stumpy" Legend


For over 65 years on this beautiful island of Barbados, locals young and old speak openly about the world's most famous car drivers: Juan Fangio, Dan Gurney, Jackie Stewart, A. J. Foyt, Stumpy Goddard, Michael Schumacher ... Stumpy Goddard! ... Stumpy!? ... Stumpy who??!

Ah! the legend continues to grow. At age 90+, Stumpy can still be seen delivering the occasional Barbados rental car to TOP CAR customers.... and still enjoys racing our staff back to the office afterwards (current score – Stumpy: 9,237 -vs- Staff: 3)!

Stumpy has earned a reputation in local rally/racing circles as one of the originals, and over the years while participating in numerous rally events has probably traversed every mile of the maze of roads in Barbados. Now you too can come and enjoy that same maze of roads in a Stumpy-prepared TOP CAR rental car!



The "Stumpy" Legend II: The RTV (Rapid Transfer Vehicle) is born


While sitting in the balmy breezes, sipping a little rum drink one evening discussing the ways of the world with Stumpy, the Token Son-in-Law, Big Lou, had a rare brilliant moment and envisioned a vehicle like no other vehicle:

A Moke… The fastest Moke in the World… And Stumpy agreed with him – now there’s a shocker!!

Drum roll please... The new Toyota RTV was born… So secret that not even Toyota knows about it!!


As the evening progressed, so too did the idea blossom...

Chez:  We could use this vehicle to deliver gifts and prizes to our clients…

Stumpy:  More Horsepower!!

Nettie:  Prizes to whoever sent us the best joke on the internet, or the longest rental of the month…

Stumpy:  More Horsepower and bigger wheels!!

Token Son-in-Law:  Gifts to whoever brings back a clean car at the end of the rental…

Stumpy:  More Horsepower and a wing!!

Token Son-in-Law:  Can we make it a turbo with a blow off valve??

Stumpy:  Yeeesss, Done!!!


And so… the process began...


RTV before the transformation


RTV after the transformation


It IS without question the FASTEST moke in the world (Ferrari and BMW eat your heart out!!)

And today, the RTV can be seen all over the roads of Barbados, rapidly transferring our staff – so they’re always on time!! – and bringing prizes and bounty from the island to random Top Car Clients ONLY!!

Doesn’t this sound like a unique rental experience?? – You can only be a part of it at Top Car Rentals!